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Miffy x Kumoya Pop-Up Café Miffy Cookbook

Created in 1955 by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, the loveable white rabbit Miffy continues to charm children and adults alike today.   

Whether you’re an adoring Miffy fan or someone looking for fun dishes to prepare, the Miffy x Kumoya Pop-Up Café Miffy Cookbook has something for everyone! From bento meals and onigiri, to cookies, cakes and tarts, bestselling cookbook author Shirley Wong shows how you can recreate these cute meals and treats for the whole family!  

With character templates to help perfect your creations, as well as bonus Miffy cut-outs to complete the theme, Miffy x Kumoya Pop-Up Café Miffy Cookbook promises to brighten everyday meals and make parties memorable, every time.   

ISBN: 9789814794121

Specifications: 210 x 180mm / 52pp / Paperback

Publication Date: Oct-2017


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